Monday, September 29, 2008

Take a Sneak Peak at My Handmade Cards!

After working all day in front of a computer for my job, I found it terribly difficult to come home and... sit in front of the computer some more to try and create new work for the gallery night. 95% of my art is done in Illustrator and Photoshop. If I was going to be part of this art show, I needed to start working with a new medium. So I started dabbling around with ribbons, buttons and embroidery floss, making cards during the week and saving my computer illustration work for the weekends. These cards and many more will be available for purchase at the show.


Stephanie said...

OMG! These cards look beautiful! I designed that dot paper in the background of one of those shots! How much fun is that! And what about that awesome stamp! Where did you get that made?!! A girl is dying to know! I want one!

puglyfeet said...

Wow, these are great!

Jena Photography said...

Awesome work. Where did you get your stamp made?

2 Peas

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