Friday, October 17, 2008

Itty Bitty Artist, Really Big Art

*Giggle* So those of you who know me personally know I'm pretty much miniature-sized. I stand a whole 5' 1/2". But when huge open spaces need big original art designed to fit their space... it's fun to think on a whole different scale.

Above is just one of the many pieces I created for The Cruise Neighborhood Bar and Restaurant - a business my family started in Tichigan, WI. They wanted something that would really impact their customers and set the mood & atmosphere when people first entered the doors. So after discussing many options, I decided to do a series of stretched canvas art featuring all 'nature-like' things from around the area. The piece in the photo above represents the blue herons that are often seen around Lake Tichigan.

'Blue Heron' has 5 smaller 'sister' pieces - and since they were first put up over a year ago, they've received more attention than I'd ever imagined.

With that little tidbit, I have a *very special* announcement that I will be making in the next couple of days. ;) So for those of you planning on coming to The Gathering Room Gallery Night on October 25th (and yes, even those who can't make it), perk up your little ears my dears, there's exciting news to follow....


Estela said...

how beautiful!!
I can't wait to hear this exciting news!!

Stacy said...


I'm glad I came across your site. It's great to see you doing so well!

Jennifer Katherine said...

I can't wait to tell you! I'll be back tonight to give the news!

Kim Herbst said...

I LOVE this pieces!!! Your color choices area really great! Congrats on the massively sized artwork hehe

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