Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Sneak Peaks!

Well, it's officially 'official'. The postcards advertising for the art show came early last week. Didn't they turn out fabulous?! I am very pleased.

Today was by far one of the nicest weather days we've had in a while - it was like summer! I worked in my studio all day long with the windows open and the breeze coming in. I had a few things to finish up and ran to get some prints made for the show as well. If anyone has some printers they recommend, please let me know! I've also decided to keep only one of the birds in the show from a new series that I started. I had envisioned 4 all together, but these are a special project I'm putting off to the side for now...

I know alot of you are curious about what my new house and studio looks like. But since I've been so busy preparing for the show, I haven't had much time to put the place together. Just yesterday, after being here for 3 months, I finally found a couch that fit up my stairs! So in the mean time, I thought I'd show you what my outside balcony looks like. The giant tree in my front yard turned bright yellow and its leaves were raining down all day.


Cathy said...

Hi, thanks for the visit to my blog and comment. I really like your blog and you have great images. Love the leaf design and colours here.

Coincidentally, I saw an episode of Criminal Minds the other night and the place where they were investigating was Wauwatosa and I thought at the time, what an unusual place name, never having heard it before and here it is

Hilary said...

WOW, I'm so impressed. You are my new idol. I'm going to subscribe to your blog RIGHT NOW. :) (thanks for the visit!)

Jennifer Katherine said...

You're too sweet!

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