Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They're Here!

I love getting packages in the mail. I was super excited to come home after work and find these little lovelies sitting at my doorstep:

I decided to design some business cards promoting Elegant Journey. Instead of a 'traditional' business card where it just lists the normal 'mumble jumble', I'm hoping to lead people and engage them more with the little stories about my journey here on the blog. I mean, I know that emails and phone numbers are important, but people are so much more than a piece of paper -- they have stories to share and personalities behind their cards. So I'll hand them out at the art show, and hopefully... they'll follow me as I continue to work towards opening my shop online.

If you happen to pick one up at the show and stop by the blog...leave me a note! It's always so encouraging to hear from you!


Joey said...

I think they look great can't wait to see them!!!

Stephanie said...

YUMMY! Rounded corners! Love them! Can't wait to get my little paws on them! I made reservations today for the 25th! Party of 12! Wha-hoo!

audrey habeck said...

hey girl! got your post on my blog! i love your style. do you have a shop or anything that you sell some of your stuff in? if so i'd love to look through it and feature you in one of my friday features!
keep on rockin' it!

f2images said...

Beautiful cards! Great cohesive corporate identity. I'm excited to see your Etsy store! Is it up and running yet?

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks! Not yet...but it's a goal I'm working towards. That's kind of what Elegant Journey is about,... my 'journey' back into my art and starting up a shop in the near future. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Lexy. said...

Love these cards!

Ha, I had 400 little business cards printed - I was going to have them scattered in a big bowl on the bar at the opening night of my first solo show - and they arrived the day AFTER I needed them!

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