Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Entryway Art + 7 Random Facts

4 months after my move, I'm sitting here in my studio sipping some hot chocolate and finally feeling like this is my 'home'. When I moved during the summer, I never really felt like spending too much time inside messing around making this place cozy. Now that the days are shorter and much cooler, I'm finding that desire to 'nest'.

Here's some new art I made and put together in a grouping right in the stairwell entryway of my house. Since I can't paint the walls because I'm renting, I wanted to bring color in with my art.

On a side note, I found this super cute old skeleton key when I was first unpacking my things. And to my delight, it still works! I wanted to include it in the grouping so I strung it up with red ribbon.

The other day I was 'tagged' by Yellow Lux. The rules state you need to share 7 random facts, so here are 7 about me:
1) I work better when I'm in a clean space.
2) When I get stressed out, I'll pop in old movies I used to watch when I was little. It takes me back to the days when I was a worry-free kid!
3) My toenails are ALWAYS painted some shade of pink.
4) I've know my best friend, Sarah, since Kindergarten.
5) A very special 'someone' found a REAL 4 leaf clover & I have it framed, sitting on my desk.
6) I {heart} sushi.
& 7) *smirk*
I'm currently bursting at the seams with some exciting news that I'll be sharing soon! :)


Stephanie said...

exciting news that you haven't even shared with me???but ah-ha I think I know it! :) I'm having hot chocolate too....just a couple states away! Miss you!

Becky said...

Great designs! My toenails are ALWAYS some shade of pink too - (I tried to paint them blue once & it lasted about 2 seconds.)

Lexy. said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yay! Someone who knows what it's like to have illustrations floating around your head and no time to get them down! I get what you mean :)

Love your artwork here. The colours are awesome!!

Are you like me? Working a full-time job but wishing you were just sitting around creating your own artwork all day? I get so frustrated with it sometimes (like now!)

If I figure out how to fit it all in, I'll let you know!

And thanks :)

Yellow Lux said...

How cute! We have so many things in common - I heart sushi too, I watch and rewatch my favorite movies over and over, and if things get too messy my brain doesn't work right!

Also, I just want to say I absolutely love your illustration style. The colors, the technique - I love it all! I have a friend whose illustration style runs along the same lines - she used to work with me until she went back to school at the Savannah School of Art and Design, and then she'll probably become some hotshot Pixar animator or something. She's got the chops, and so do you! Very pretty work indeed - and I love the way you've organized your site.

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thank you so much! It has been so frustrating not being able to just create 24-7. Instead I have to let it seep out in my 'free time' *giggle* which is far and few. That's why I was so happy to just get this together, framed and hung.

You should've seen me in the store trying to figure out which frames I wanted and how. I took up the aisle, laying them out for 50 minutes...people having to step around me. :)

It's the curse of my critical eyes!

Yellow Lux said...

I see now from your profile you're an Art Director. Now I understand! But did you tell the people in the aisle? ;)

f2images said...

I've done the same thing in the frame aisle....other art's a big decision!! Excited to hear your breaking news....don't keep us in suspense too long. And what a lovely grouping and smart way to bring color onto white walls! Beautiful! ;)

Cathy said...

Love the green leaves on red artwork and the little cute bird. Very vivid and colourful.

swellstitches said...

I am seriously blown away right now! Your art is truly amazing! Everything is just so beautiful I am truly inspired by your blog right now.. I'm just itching to get home and craft something beautiful! lol

Elena said...

I love the colours in your work :)
You have a nice blog too.

audrey habeck said...

love the art. love the frames!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,

Congrats on the feature! I was checking out your blog, and thought the print with the red backgound and the green leaf might look good for a pendant. What do you think?


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