Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Are You So Afraid Of!?

I realized the reason I haven't been in my studio for a while: fear. Fear that I couldn't create what was in my mind. Fear that I'd get frustrated and give up. Fear that if I would feel pressured to make something greater than my ability. The excuses for why I wasn't creating were getting old. And the more excuses I made, the more frustrated I became.

So tonight, even though I could think of a million excuses - I picked up my pencil anyway, grabbed a tiny scribble from my 'secret stash' and started in.

I also found these bins for a shelf in my studio.

I had been looking for some way to hide all of my back up discs and music and 'bingo!' who would've guessed I would have found these beauties at the DOLLAR STORE! A grand total of $4 and it looks like an organization article from Real Simple Magazine. They go great with my fun binders too.

And... I had to share these early morning photos of my studio since the windows face the east. Who wouldn't feel inspired when the sunshine makes this kind of a statement in the morning!

Wanna win a print of my artwork? Check back for December Give-Away details. I'll be posting sometime next week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)


ellie said...

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. I love having comments, so that I can link back to new and inspiring blogs - new reads!
These photos of the sun are beautiful - the streams of light through that glorious curtain. Beautifully captured!
And, yes - your boxes and folders do look out of a magazine shoot; great find!
I'll be back for more reading and inspiration....

f2images said...

Very cool sketches. I think I have that sames circle cd binder!! Never doubt your own creativity. Sometimes when things are not coming on to paper exactly as they are in your head, beautiful and unexpected works are born.

lori vliegen said...

ooh, yes...fear can be very nasty! i'm also guilty of giving it way too much control of my life. congrats on picking up your pencil...your drawings are beautiful! and i love your dollar store finds!
thanks for visiting my blog...i always enjoy seeing your smiling face there! :) happy thanksgiving!!

Gifts of Creation said...

Hi! I love your art blog, I just found it. Your studio looks great.
I am working on making mine a place I want to go everyday..
Your scribbles are wonderful!!

Chelsea Ling said...

amazing!!! everything looks lovely

Chrissy Foreman C said...

What a lovely blog I've just stumbled across!
I think most artists go through that fear stage many times throughout their lives. I'm learning to trust my creativity through retrospection -- EVERY time I've had a lull and thought I might have 'lost' it for good, it has ALWAYS come back! Like the tides. And now I am making a point to create every day and I've never been so inspired in my life! I think the fear has got to do with 'not doing'. I feel the same when I've been neglecting my own creative voice and spending too much time on other stuff!

tascha said...

Looks great! I love how you have organized everything!

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