Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Star Garland Tutorial

Merry Christmas fellow Artists, Crafters and Creatives! A splendidly easy, unquestionably fun star garland project from Elegant Journey to You:

• tin star garland (I purchased wholesale from
• thin piece of cardboard or thick piece of paper to make a template
• scrapbook paper
• mod podge
• paintbrush
• xacto knife
• cutting mat
• burnishing tool

1) TRACE your tin star on the cardboard and cut out the shape with your xacto knife to create a template.

2) PLACE the template over a piece of paper that you'd like to use. (I found this step to work well so I could visualize what the star would look like before actually cutting the paper star out.)

3) CUT the star shape out with your xacto knife. Keep all 10 fingers? Great! Move to step 4!

4) BRING on the messy goodness! Use the paintbrush and liberally apply your mod podge to the tin star.

5) CENTER your cut paper star on the tin star and hold down with your fingers to position in place.

6) USE the burnishing tool to help crease the paper into the edges of the star.

7) WHEN you feel the paper has adhered itself, apply more mod podge on top. Continue down the chain of stars. I did every other star because I like the rust finish.

And that's it! Now just find a special place to hang and display your lovely stars.


Stephanie said...

This is so adorable! I shared the link to all the Bella Blvd blog readers! Merry Christmas girlie!

f2images said...

How charming! And you make it look so easy!! ;)

xoxo, collette said...

Awesome tutorial! I love it! =)

Stacy Cohen said...

Great project!! Thanks for the tutorial.

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, these are gorgeous. I may try these for my little cowboy's room. LOVE them!!

Ronnie said...

Thanks, You!
So cute! Irresistible! And something I might be able to do. Love your glam site. Makes mine look like a recycle bin.
I'm fluffing my studio, so your ideas are good inspiration.
I'll be baaack!

PJ's talking2.... said...

The stars are to die for. Love that garland. Thanks for showing how to do it. ~PJ psss... enjoyed your blog...

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