Sunday, August 23, 2009


EVERYDAY we face challenges in our lives that force us to either fear or have hope. The choice is ultimately in our hands. We can take the courageous path of fighting through or giving up.

I found out a few days ago that a friend named Jennifer has a very rare type of cancer. She is having a really rough time dealing with the news. Let's be honest. Who wouldn't, right?

I wanted to not just pray for Jennifer but SHOW her that she has reason to hope. I wanted to
give her the gift of hope and so... this is what I made:

Inside this container are all kinds of encouraging thoughts and quotes. Each inspirational saying is folded up and she can pick one out for each time that she needs a spiritual lift.

Even if it is little, it may be the one thing Jennifer needs for that moment of her day. Because
after all, "Hope never abandons you; you can only abandon it." -George Weinburg

Have you given someone hope today?


Grandma G said...

What a neat idea! You're right... if we have HOPE, we can make it through anything. May your gift be just the bright spot your friend needs to lift her spirits and get her going in the right direction on her journey ahead.

lori vliegen said...

i'm sorry to hear the news of your friend jennifer. it's through your tin filled with hope, and your gift of friendship that will give her strength on the hard days, and give her reason to rejoice on the better days.

Stephanie said...

Without faith there is no reason for hope. You are such a great friend to remind Jennifer of her hope. I will keep you and her in my prayers.

Jennifer said...

I love this idea of extending inspiration beyond just a notecard. You have given your friend a whole bunch of hopeful reasons to look forward to as she finds ways to interpret her news. Beautiful.

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