Sunday, November 22, 2009

Backwards Bunny & Other Softies

THEY'RE CUTE, they're funky, they look fun to make - here are some softies that inspire me. My favorites are the ones that are purposely 'messed-up'. The ones that are off-kilter and actually look handmade:

1) Sally the Snail by Soto Softies
2) Gustav by Nicol-b at Pink Cheeks Studios
3) A colorful bunch by Junker Jane
4) Otto the Strongman by Junker Jane

And now here's my very first 'attempt' to create one, except.... I sewed the ears on backwards. *Sigh* I flipped them around for the picture:

Everything WAS going fine until I flipped her inside out and found out the wrong way to pin things. Yay for mistakes that you only need to make once in order to learn a lesson. ;) Needless to say, this bunny had an extra short life-span.

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