Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrumptious Things Called Houses

IS IT POSSIBLE that most everyday I find myself loving my neighborhood even more? Fresh farmer's markets, tree-lined streets, the parkway, ...the sounds of trains in the distance. When the sun was still coming up and the only things out and about were singing birds, I was inspired to take a few photos of the most charming houses around my neck of the woods.

I still have a lot more sketches to do, but I couldn't resist starting to add color in already. Leave it to me to be 10 steps ahead of myself. I've got about 4 paintings waiting to be finished, but I really just wanted to start in on this project today. Guess you can never have too much stuff for a gallery night, right?


Anna Elder said...

I absolutely LOVE your work! And I am loving the houses. Do you draw and then scan these in first? You should do a short tutorial on how to use this method. I would love to learn how for my invite designs! Can't wait to read more. Anna

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks Anna! Yup. I draw most of my work with pencil and then finish it up in either photoshop or illustrator.

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